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Historical 1895 Private Label Illinois Pocket Watch
Old Colony Railroad - T.H. Tilden Boston Mass.
Two Tone - Size 18 - Grade 65
Recently Serviced

Historical 1895 Illinois Old Colony Railroad Watch

  • Description:
    •Historical 1895 Private Label Illinois Pocket Watch
    •Old Colony Railroad - T.H. Tilden - Boston Mass.
    •Grade: 65
    •Model: 6
    •Size: 118
    •Jewels: 17
    •Serial Number: 1291026
    •Configuration: Open
    •Setting: Lever
    •Adjusted: Positions & Isochronism
    •Temperature Adjusted: Yes
    •Damaskeen: Two-tone with Gold lettering
    •Dial: Marked - Old Colony - Double Sunk - damage between 7-9, please see pictures.
    •Case: Crescent - Hinge Back, Cuvette & Bezel.
    •Crystal: Plastic Crystal
    •Serviced: This watch has recently been serviced and calibrated and keeps good time.
    •History: The Old Colony Railroad company was established in 1845 and serviced areas south of Boston to Plymouth and eventually parts of Rohde Island. "Old Colony" was a nick name for the Plymouth Colony. Eventually the railroad company merged with other lines and was forced into bankruptcy in a single day by New Haven Railroad who tried to default on its lease and force OC to run trains which it had not in over 30 years. Service officially ended in 1958. Some of the original railroad lines still see use such as those used by Amtrak's Acela Express since 2000.
    •John Foster was appointed as a member OC Railroad Police and also served as a Conductor. J.H. Foster was an original stockholder of the OC Railroad on record in its stock ledger for the years of 1844 and 1845. I am not certain if this is the same John Foster that this watch was presented to by his employees.

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