Hamilton 992 Pocket Watch with Salesman Display Case and Original Sales Tag


Currently Unable to Service



Service Fees

A Service Fee of $200 and up will be assessed for each

Pocket Watch sent in for basic service.  I will email you with a more accurate quote upon my inspection of your watch..


Basic Service includes

  • Complete Disassembly of Pocket Watch

  • Inspection for broken parts

  • Cleaned and Polished Ultrasonically and Manually

    • Without complete disassembly of a watch it can never be entirely cleaned. 

    • Cleaning a watch ultrasonically may cause damage as the result of cavitations effect.  It should be carried out with great caution and consideration.

  • Fully Reassembled

  • Oiled and Lubricated

  • Adjusted for best Time Accuracy

  • Light Case Polishing

  • Dial will be cleaned - if possible


Products and Equipment used
During a Servicing
Cleaning Equipment
  • Vibrograf Mark V Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

  • L&R Watch cleaning machines and L&R Ultrasonic


Cleaning Solutions

  • L&R - Cleaning, Polishing and Lubricating Solutions


Oils & Greases

  • Moebius & Nye oils and greases


Calibrating Equipment

  • Timing Machine - Vibrograf MU 700

  • Good old fashion chart timing

1 Year -100% Guarantee Warranty

  • All repair and service comes with a 1 year - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed coverage.

  • This guarantee coverage does not include Pocket Watches that have been damaged as the result of being dropped or "impact shocked."  

  • Crystals are also not covered as they will scratch, chip and crack if mishandled. 

  • Timing: Pocket Watches can vary in their ability to keep accurate time.  We do our best to return all Pocket Watches to their best time keeping levels.  The empirical fact, however, is that Pocket Watches do not keep as accurate time as modern day watches.

An estimate will be given prior to servicing Pocket Watches which require repair and additional attention:

Unforeseen problems that may cause delays or an inability to completely repair your pocket watch include, but are not limited to;

  • Bent or broken balance staff, broken pivots, cracked or missing jewel(s), tangled or distorted hairspring, excessive wear to any and all parts

  • Unavailable replacement parts or the inability to make a replacement part.


  • We will try and give you the most accurate quote upfront as well as notifying you of any foreseeable issues.

  • From there we will request that you tell us how you wish to proceed.

  • We will not begin any work until we are all on the same page and in full agreement as to the cost, terms and conditions of the service and/or required repairs.


All replacement parts and extra services will require additional charges.



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