1903 American Waltham Watch Co. 
820 Grade - Model 1883
Sterling Silver Case
Size 18 - 17 Jewels

1903 American Waltham Sterling Silver 18S 17J 820

  • Description:
    • 1907 American Waltham Watch Co
    • Grade: 820
    • Model: 1883
    • Serial Number: 12101934
    • Size: 18
    • Jewels: 17
    • Adjusted: No
    • Configuration: Open Face
    • Movement: Full Plate
    • Setting Style: Pendant
    • Winding Style: Pendant
    • Railroad Grade: No
    • Dial: Double Sunk - Porcelain Ceramic Dial - VERY small hairline at 11 o'clock.
    • Case - Open Face - Sterling Silver Hinge Back and Bezel (HB&B) - C.W.C.Co. - Crescent Watch Case Co. - Case has a beautiful luster to it! It has a newly made sterling silver bow on it. The cuvette has one spot that has worn through to it's base metal and a scratch that is much more noticeable in the photo than in person.
    • Crystal - Very Thick crystal. Crystal shows some scratches and slight haze but still presents the watch dial extremely nice! A perfect compliment to this impressive sized watch.
    • Serviced - This watch has recently been serviced and calibrated. Watch runs incredibly well in all positions! The mainspring was not replaced during servicing.
    o Cleaning: Vibrograf Mark V Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner
    o Calibration: Vibrograf MU 700
    o Oil and Grease products: Moebius
    • Overall Review: This watch is Big, Heavy & BOLD! There really isn't much more that one can say other than when you pull this watch out of your pocket it really makes a statement!

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