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1902 Elgin Veritas Pocket Watch 
Size 18 - 21 Jewels
Beautiful Case - Damaskeen

1902 Elgin Veritas Pocket Watch Size 18 - 21 Jewel

  • Description:
    •1902 Elgin National Watch Co. Pocket Watch
    •Grade: 239 - Veritas
    •Model: 8
    •Size: 18
    •Jewels: 21
    •Serial Number: 9549928
    •Configuration: Open Face
    •Movement: 3/4 Plate - Beautiful Damaskeen
    •Railroad Grade: Yes
    •Dial: Marked - ELGIN - Swiss Metal Replacement Dial - Montgomery Dial - Mint Condition
    •Case: Providence - Gold Filled - Screw back and bezel - wear around edge and small dimple on top. Please see pictures. Beautiful floral, country farm design!
    •Hands: Blue Spade
    •Crystal: Original Thick Glass Crystal - minor scratches but does not take away from beauty!
    •Serviced - This watch has recently been serviced and calibrated.
    •Watch has been fully disassembled with all parts inspected. All Jewels were inspected to ensure they are not cracked or chipped. All jewels are hand and mechanically cleaned and polished. All cap jewels have been removed for proper cleaning and oiling. The watch is cleaned, re-inspected, reassembled, oiled and calibrated.
    •The mainspring was not replaced during servicing as it was not set and appears to have plenty of life left in it.
    •Watch runs Very well in all positions.
    •Cleaning: Vibrograf Mark V Ultrasonic, L&R T-9 and/or L&R Master Watch Cleaning Machine(s)
    •Calibration: Vibrograf MU 700
    •Oil and Grease products: Moebius

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