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1895 American Waltham Watch Co.
Multi-Color Silver Case
Royal - Size 0 - 16 Jewels - Model 1891

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1895 Waltham Multi-Color Silver Case- Royal - S0

  • Description:
    •1895 American Waltham Watch Co.
    •Serial Number: 6558929
    •Size: 0
    •Jewels: 16
    •Model: 1891
    •Adjusted: Yes
    •Railroad Grade: No
    •Movement Finish: Damaskeen
    •Setting Type: Stem
    •Winding Type: Stem
    •Case: Crescent Watch Case Co. - Multi-Colored Coin Silver with Gold and Rose Gold - this case is absolutely stunning! Take a close look at the pictures as they speak for themselves! There are a few small dings on the back case cover but they do not detract from the beauty.
    •Dial: A. W. W. C. - Waltham - Mint condition Multi-Colored Gold, Blue, Red elegant Fancy/Empress style. I cannot find any flaws in this dial!
    •Hands: Gold Filigree
    •Crystal: Extra High Dome plastic
    •Serviced - This watch has recently been serviced and calibrated.
    oWatch has been fully disassembled with all parts inspected. All Jewels were inspected to ensure they are not cracked or chipped. All jewels are hand and mechanically cleaned and polished. All cap jewels have been removed for proper cleaning and oiling. The watch is cleaned, re-inspected, reassembled, oiled and calibrated.
    oThe mainspring was replaced during servicing with an Alloy mainspring!
    oWatch runs well in all positions!
    Cleaning: Vibrograf Mark V Ultrasonic, L&R T-9 and/or L&R Master Watch Cleaning Machine(s)
    Calibration: Vibrograf MU 700
    Oil and Grease products: Moebius and Nye
    •Overall Review: Although small in size this watch is absolutely beautiful!

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